Warning! escorts please read…

I did not want to have to use this site for warnings but feel that this is of such serious nature that it needs to be on this site as he has contacted ladies in this area.

Known amongst girls as Domination/Demolition Man this guy has been targeting new girls for years. There used to be a lot of detail around about him but much of it has disappeared – I am currently trying to track any old info down.

He has recently tried to book an overnight duo with two ladies who are working under new names. H

In particular he wants a GFE/wife like overnight, financial domination, girls to wear a pinny, the girls to cook for him and role play which includes sending him out for a bottle of wine.

He has an East London sort of accent and sounds totally plausible. He will usually want to talk to both girls and will offer extra cash (this should always ring alarm bells) as he wants more than 12 hours – normally 5.30pm – 9am.

It looks like he was in Bedford recently and it could link to this warning but the details are vague (this says Asian but other warnings have him as “black”) but the timing and general gist seem to fit:

In short, he has been about for years and usually asks if you are new as he is aware that the established girls are wise to him.

He changes number and names: he has been Devon, Lester, Phillip, Darren, Steve, Carlton, Carl.

He is plausible so be careful and keep this post and anything that is added to it in mind. Always be wary when anyone offers over the odds for a booking or seems overly keen on you being new. When you are new, you are at your most vulnerable with people like this as they prey on your inexperience of the business and your desire to get up and running and do well.Basically if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Jan 7th 2010 – claimed to be in Manchester
31st July – claimed to be in Sheffield

He has attacked girls a number or girls, one seriously with a knife.

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